Lauren Remington Platt & Ines Rivero Host An Exclusive Dinner To Launch Vensette In Miami

While most of us are still packing for our upcoming Art Basel festivities, Vênsette's Founder and CEO Lauren Remington Platt has already headed down south to celebrate the launch of her innovative, on-demand beauty service's latest expansion to Miami. Joined by supermodel Ines Rivero, Platt hosted 40 of Miami's most influential women for a dinner at Casa Tua. With outposts already established in NYC, LA, and San Francisco, Vênsette has officially taken over four major U.S. cities! Sure, we're eager to see what happens next, but first, let's peep that party!

Who was there: Guests included Lauren Remington Platt, Ines Rivero, Criselda Breene, Paloma Teppa, Daniela Urzi, Iran Issa-Khan, Martina Borgomanero Basabe, Lia Porcella Costa, Gay Gay Ritchie, Gingi Beltran, Michelle Areces and Candela Ferro.

[Ines Rivero, Lauren Remington Platt by Sam Deitch/]