Artsy hotels are a dime a dozen these days. After all, it's an Instagram world and we're just #living in it. So to stand out among the noice is quite the feat. Feted as one of the best luxury boutique hotels in the country, The Betsy Hotel South Beach is a Miami destination with a passion for arts and culture that goes beyond the usual. 

At first look, there's the hotel's handful of stylishly designed restaurants, pools, lounge areas, and gorgeous ocean views - all more than enough to make anyone book a stay. But it's the Betsy's experiential arts programming that proves the ultimate amenity. Guests and visitors are treated to live music nightly in the lobby salon (no cover charge and no drink minimum), thoughtfully stocked libraries in every room, a constantly changing collection of art curated by famed art historian Dr.  Leslie King Hammond, and, most uniquely, a Writer’s Room - a working studio space on Ocean Drive for visiting writers, paying homage to the many ‘writing rooms’ that existed in pre-war hotels where guests recorded memories and linked to home.

A hub of creativity and culture, The Betsy plays host to countless musicians, artists and writers. But perhaps the most important guests you'll run into while enjoying some late night jazz or catching some sun out on the rooftop garden deck? The property's charming CEOs - Canine Executive Officers Betsy and Katie.

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[Photos courtesy The Betsy]