Ugh! Breaking up with someone is the worst. There are all these awful details like how you're going to do it, when you're going to let the bomb drop, what debris will be left littered and scattered across your love battlefield...and then there's the whole conundrum of what the heck you say to ease the fallout. Half the time we wait too long to break up with the person because being in a comfortable relationship, is, well, more comfortable then confronting your should-have-been-an-ex-lover months ago with the ugly truth. If only their was someone who could tell us what to say. Oh wait! We have pop stars and here is a list of songs that will help you find the words (lyrics) to let someone down easy, or drop-kick 'em to the curb. And remember, the only thing worse than breaking up with someone is having someone break up with you first. #Truth

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