IACmusic Brings Some Raw Tunage

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 13, 2008

    Is your music library a little flat? Check out IACmusic for some quality tunes that you can find nowhere else. IAC stands for “Independent Artists Company,” which makes them something of independents artists’ FUBU. But IAC isn’t just for them – it’s for everyone. Go to the site and either choose what you listen to by using an artist or genre search, or access one of the site’s 4,000+ music stations to enjoy an effortless stream. Admittedly, my online music-hunting hasn’t gone much further than Last.fm and Pandora; but I can say that I prefer IACmusic to both, if for no other reason than its breadth of artists and user controls.

    Sure, 4,000+ music stations can be daunting, but it’s a good problem to have. Not to mention, IAC is planning to make their stations available via cellphone – yet another reminder of why we love living in the technological age.

    If you are a musician, and not just an office slave, surfing music websites to escape the mundanity of your workday, IAC offers lots of resources. Foremost among them, IAC encourages artists to create a profile and upload their work. They have station managers who will promote uploaded songs and musicians who have uploaded can sell downloads for a price that they, the musicians, are free to set. Even better, IAC apparently allows the artists to keep 100% of the take. This is the type of company we like to see!