The Hedi Slimane bump is a special thing. Without it, we may not have found West Coast garage bands like Froth, Sam Flax, Hunx and his Punx, who bring that fuzzy, psychedelic, raw edge that have fans of rock perpetually transfixed. SWMRS recently became the recipients of Hedi's ceaseless endorsement of the California music scene, having scored the Spring 2016 show as well as walking in the same one.


But there's much more to SWMRS than meets the fashion-world's mercurial eye. The band have generated buzz with their song "Miley" about the world's most controversial pop-star, lead singer Cole Becker has a zine about social activism made with the full vigor of a Berkley junior, and they're about to release their debut album Drive North out this Friday. Becker, an articulate thinker and writer in the guise of a dusty green haired, painted nails punk rocker talked to us about Hedi's role in music, the new pop-punk revival, and the fruitful music scene in Oakland.