SXSW Wraps Up, But The Memories And Gossip Linger . . .

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 22, 2010

    Man, people get sassy when the giant music festzilla winds down. Who got signed, who got screwed, and who got smack-talked, after the jump:-






    Courtney Love hates her voice, says, "It's time for me to get my blowjob on." [Rolling Stone]

    Perez calls Swedish act JJ "insulting as an audience member." Then he pantomimed drawing angry drool drops around the band name. [EW]

    Everyone hate-loves Perez, but everyone love-loved the Swagg party. Snoop said: “Brush your teeth…thank God…SMOKE WEED.”[EW]

    Adrian Grenier likes simultaneous beer and haircuts. [Twitter]

    Forget Adrian Grenier, the Threadless t-shirt models were wandering around!!! [Hung-Truong]

    Rhys Ifans is going to be a serious actor now. [Cinematical]

    The music-packed Big Star Alex Chilton tribute was also full of beautiful words from Chilton's wife, Laura. [EW]

    Amp technology, soft & delicate singers can't deal with the unusually cold weather. [Austin360]

    Yelawolf will not stop climbing on shit; Rusty Kelley is terrifying; Broken Bells sucks. [Austin360]

    Rolling Stone has a great quick-and-dirty rundown of many, many acts [Rolling Stone]

    From The Austin Statesman's gallery of the Perez party:

    Ta-ta for now, traffic jams and port-o-johns. See you next year, lovable indie bands who will doubtless have different names in twelve months. And much love to you, Alex Chilton, invisible man with a visible voice.

    [photo Courtesy of  USA Today]