The Mountain Is Coming: Ray LaMontagne@WHBPAC

by Joseph Russell · May 30, 2008


    Ray Lamontagne is coming to Westhampton tonight! I can't believe I didn't find out about this sooner, but, last time I checked, tickets were still available. If you don't have prior plans, adopt this one. Lamontagne is one of those musicians with a broad-spectrum appeal; his stuff is a mash of folk, soul, blues, and rock, and it comes across as the epitome of coffee house music. Most of the time, his voice is hushed, winsome, and kind of sea-shorey, and then it'll suddenly boom and swoop over simple guitar licks. The sound is very lo-fi and straightforward, which usually translates into great live performances. Tonight's show is at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center and tickets are $70, $85, and $100. I'm stuck in Boston, but allons-y-vous and tell me how it is!