Whoever said "it's not the destination, it's the journey," obviously never stayed at a four star hotel. Personally, I've planned international trips solely to stay at a specific hotel. And you know what, it's worked out swimmingly.

These days, the hottest home of gorgeous boutique hotels is undeniably New Orleans. It seems every few months another amazing historic renovation is complete. The latest gem in the crown? Maison De La Luz. A 67-room guest house in the heart of the city’s uber cool Warehouse District, this six-story stunner is reason enough to book a trip to The Big Easy ASAP. While the spacious, smart rooms are more than enticing, it's the common areas peppered about the building which really beg to be lounged in. 

From the gorgeous blue and white breakfast room, to the moody, romantic Bar Marilou, click through for the picture perfect escape that awaits!