A Brainy Brooklynite And His Plethora Of Fat Envelopes

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 18, 2008

    Lukasz ZbylutIn this day and age, it's often a thrilling surprise for even the most brilliant high school students to receive a fat envelope (a.k.a. acceptance letter) from their top choice college. But this year, New Utrecht High School valedictorian Lukasz Zbylut received one not only from his top choice (Harvard), but from 17 other prestigious colleges. The schools that accepted Zbylut include Ivies Yale, Dartmouth, and Columbia--in spite their falling acceptance rates over the past few years. It's probably not surprising that Zbylut lead the model U.N., the debate team, the school newspaper and various other organizations during his four years at New Utrecht. And while it may be easy to make fun of Zbylut for being, um, a nerd, we all know that he's going to save the world someday.

    [Image via NY Post]