The Girl Who Stole Sean Parker's Heart: Alexandra Lenas

by Chelsea Burcz · September 27, 2011

    So while Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan get all the hype, there's another couple climbing the "techy" ranks. After just barely a year of dating, Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook, recently proposed to super cute singer/songwriter Alexandra Lenas, which leaves us wondering, who is this chick that has stolen Parker's heart?

    For those of you unfamiliar with Sean Parker, he is Justin Timberlake's character in "The Social Network," the founder of Napster, first president of Facebook, founder of venture firm Founder's Fund, oh, and a billionaire. Out of all the guys in the techy boys club, he is definitely one of the best looking, and best dressed. So how did Lenas land this catch? Well for what it's worth she's a total babe, too.

    She's an aspring musician who's had some success already, having made at least one appearence on MTV.

    She helped save Sean's life when he accidentally ate peanuts (he has a deathly allergic reaction).

    She parties right alongside her fiance, like at the recent party Mark Zuckerberg threw to launch f8.

    She's out and about on the New York Scene, hanging out with socialites like Alexa Winner.

    She has tattoos (aka she's kinda bad ass).

    [Snoop Dogg, Alexandra Lenas, Sean Parker]

    [Dressed as Justin Timberlake (haha!) and Britney Spears...Photo via]

    [Hanging out with Alexa Winner]

    [Drinking PBRs with Kashmir Snowdon-Jones]

    [Getting inked...Photo via Facebook]

    [Photo via Facebook]

    [She gets along swimmingly with the 32 year-old techy nerd. Photo via Facebook]

    The happy couple!

    [Photo via Facebook]

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