"Fabulous Filmmaker" & Professional Party Crasher Priyantha Silva Spotted at Bryant Park Southwest Porch Opening

by SARAH KUNST · July 2, 2009

    With his trademark sweat sheen and whiskey breath, Priyantha Silva conned his way Bryant Park's Southwest Porch opening on Monday. The usual drunken stumbling, hand kissing and bragging commenced. He made sure to let several people know about his relationships with "seventeen year old girls" and of course that he has won numerous Oscars during his "fabulous filmmaker" career. Why do I have a feeling he wasn't an invited guest of Tom, Robert, or even Kelly?

    He's been at this game and on the New York social radar since at least 2006 thanks to Gawker but he still manages to gain entry into some of the cities best parties. PR girls everywhere keep an eye out for this guy; chances are he's not on your guest list.

    Photo credit: Gawker