Anatomy Of A Man Bag...Inside Adrien Field's Most Loved Accessory

by Rachelle Hruska · July 24, 2009

    [Adrien Field spills his man bag] The Man Bag. Thoughts on guys that sport the man bag?  That's a personal call, but, as Adrien Field points out, the Man Bag is an essential part of his outfit. Read what he has to say about his bag:

    "More than from anyone else, it’s usually the men who still haven’t caught onto the concept of the man bag who ask me what I carry around in my omnipresent bag. They give me looks of befuddlement, completely confused as to why pockets won’t suffice for my impedimenta.  Rather than write a long-winded post defending the man bag, I’ll just display why it’s impossible not to have one these days."

    "Sure, I probably carry around a bit more than the average Joe, but even with the obvious things removed (and not seen here) like an umbrella, book, keys, wallet, etc., there is a lot that would just not fit into the pockets of my skinny jeans."

    Sunglasses: Currently wearing RayBans after having lost my Oliver Peoples about a month ago.

    Rosebud Lip Salve: Lips get chapped, even in the summer.

    iPhone: No explanation needed here.

    Coach planner: Even though I could probably remove this as the iPhone functions also as an event calendar, I’m old fashioned and love putting pen to paper.

    Fragrance: I was given a bunch of sample viles by a friend from the Givaudan Maison and I am currently wearing Comme des Garçons Palisander, which smells amazing. I usually spritz myself throughout the day every few hours.

    Tide-to-go: Stains can happen any time, anywhere.  It’s best to be prepared.

    Blotter pads/mineral veil/brush: Okay, I know this last one puts me in my own category, but my skin gets shiney throughout the day and sometimes I don’t always have time to redo my face.  Right before attending an event where I’ll be photographed, I’ll make sure to matte my face so I can look camera-ready."

    [Via Garconmag]