A Letter From Your Editor: Save Summer 2009!

by Rachelle Hruska · September 3, 2009

    It's hard to believe September 1st is already here.  I was just getting my summer started, and there are so many things that I haven't crossed off my summer "to-do" list (like those surf lessons my friends out east keep promising). I don't know what to think of the date, though I do know September couldn't have welcomed us with a more beautiful morning in New York City. I'm also well aware that this week is the calm before the storm, as starting next week the Fall '09 Fashion Week will come marching it's heels in faster than the runners training for the NYC marathon. Let's slow down. Summer is not over, and we are certaintly not going to let a silly date convince us otherwise. Help me hold on to summer '09! Read how below.... Over the next couple of days, I will be emailing and facebook stalking my personal friends in an effort to compile their favorite memories from this Summer. It wil be very similar to the time I asked for your New Years Resolutions, and then where the cool new places are.

    Some of my favorite memories this summer included the time spent out east with Team Hampton, the time spent with my family at Ten Mile Lake in Northern Minnesota, and my first visit to Nantucket.  Also, the numerous rooftop bbq's that took place in the city. What are yours?

    Send me your favorite summer memories and be included in the round up of my friends that I will be pestering this week. Please include "Summer Memories" in your email subject line.

    Here's to doing our part to holding on to the summer for as long as we can!

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    Photo by Michael Scott Slosar