Breaking: Tonight's Pop-Up Party Location!

by CATHY LEVETT · August 9, 2010

    You know what, Hell's Kitchen is really underrated. Sure, we're the first to admit we can be downtown snobs ourselves, but there are tons of great bars along Ninth Ave in the West 40s. Care to come explore them with us?


    We're gonna be wandering the streets of Manhattan's most hellish neighborhood. Where will we end up? Who knows! Hopefully somewhere with good beer and free hotdogs (shoutout to Rudy's!)

    Wanna hit up a bar with us (or maybe a few?)

    We'll be tweeting our location all night, to be sure you're following @guestofaguest!


    How it works:

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    Everyone knows it's the people not the place that makes a party stand out. Here is your chance to meet other GofG readers with the same sensibilities as you!

    No need to email us anymore for help on how to get invited to the parties and events featured on the site. Now, anyone can head to our Pop Up Parties and get caught by one of our friendly photographers, and then tag themselves for their chance to make it into our Directory Pages.

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