How To Become Part Of The Guest Of A Guest Social Photo Directory

by guestofaguest · May 22, 2013

    Are you throwing a party in NYC? Well then make sure to hire a Guest of a Guest photographer, so you and your party can make it onto the site. Find your party, browse the gallery the next day, and get your own Directory Page! It's a great way to procrastinate your work day away.

    How it works:

    Hire a Guest of a Guest photographer for your next event.

    Find your event in our gallery the following day.

    Then find the picture(s) you are in. Below the picture, click on the link "Tag it!"

    Type in your name (and anyone else in the picture) and then press submit.

    Once your tag has been accepted by a moderator, the photo will be placed in your personal directory page in the GofG directory.

    Need more proof? Go download our brochure for more testimonials!