Liam McMullan Joins Team Guest Of A Guest!

by Rachelle Hruska · May 29, 2009

    [Liam McMullan hanging out in Hampton Tree]

    Man about town Liam McMullan, son of famous photographer Patrick McMullan, has quickly become a regular fixture in the NYC "scene." Whether he's off working on a project in film, music, fashion, or, most recently, photography, we have had Liam on our radar from the get-go. Which is why, I'm ecstatic to announce that Liam will be officially joining the Guest of a Guest team. We're not quite sure what this means yet, (as anyone who knows Liam personally, knows that he can be anything but predictable), though we are already salivating over the albums from his weekend out east-he was one busy kid. He visited Kelly Bensimon's Party, Lily Pond, The Harbor Club, and Surf Lodge, and he even had time to monkey around in trees!

    Liam, who recently signed with the Demarchelier Creative Group, will be heading to Bonorro on June 10-14th and keeping us (and you) up to date on the entire event.  Word yet on whether Stanley will be joining the bus (there's apparently still a couple of beds left), but stay tuned!