Prozac's Got Nothing On The GofG T-Shirts. Get Yours Today!

by SARAH MANDATO · July 28, 2009

    Why is Rachelle so happy in this photo? Is it because she's surrounded by all her friends at the fabulous party for Cole Haan? Or maybe it's because her favorite DJ, Nick Cohen is playing Johnny Cash behind her in the background? Is it the German TV guy documenting the whole thing? The drink in her hand?  NOPE. She's so happy because she's rocking the GofG t-shirt for the VERY first time! Don't you want to be happy too? Prozac isn't the answer. The Guest of a Guest T-shirt is. The effects are life changing! So...Stop spending all that money on your therapist, and get a free GofG shirt instead. HOW DO YOU GET YOURS???

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