Tagging Yourself Is Fun! Our Photo Directory Is Growing Daily!

by guestofaguest · July 16, 2009

    Did you recently get photographed by a Gofg photog? Well then don't forget to find your photo and tag it so that you can add yourself and your photo to our directory. Our directory is growing bigger by the day, but we need your help! So, need something to procrastinate on? Get Tagging!


    Here are the steps:

    Find the event you were at in our galleries.

    Then find the picture(s) you are in. Below the picture, click on the link "Tag it!"

    Type in your name (and anyone else in the picture) and then press submit. You're done!

    Once your tag has been accepted by a moderator, your photo will be placed in your very own personal directory page in the Gofg directory.

    Gofg Directory, 8390 People Profiles and counting...

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