The Best Of: GofG's November Posts

by guestofaguest · November 24, 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving! [Awkward 3-D Thanksgiving dinner photo via] While we are taking a little break to enjoy some turkey, we decided to leave you with a little food for thought while you're hung over and zoned out off of tryptophan. Check out some of our recent killer posts thus far - it's been a busy couple of weeks:

    From Bergdorf's To Macy's, NYC's Top Holiday Window Displays [Link]

    Interview: Our Blackberry Blogger, David Shaprio, Launches 'The World's First Perfect Zine' [Link]

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    Reader's Nightlife Questions Answered: Haute Advice [Link]

    Trend Tracking: Color Coated [Link]

    Interview With NY1's Pat Kiernan. Is This The Next Regis Philbin? [Link]

    How To Throw A Party Like Your Favorite Buzzed-About Artist [Link]

    Tress Trends: Colorful Locks Take It To The Top [Link]

    Top 10 Most Memorable Infomercials [Link]

    Interview: Immaculate Infatuation Dishes On Cheap Eats, Spotify Playlists And Their Last Meal [Link]

    The Top Celebrity Insured Body Parts [Link]

    Interview: Ultra Records' Mysto And Pizzi Talk Music And NYC [Link]

    Daily Style Phile: Abigail Breslin Is All Grown Up [Link]

    Celebs Who Sing: The Good, The Bad, And The Really Bad [Link]

    15 Boots And Booties For Any Budget [Link]

    Cincinnati's Fountain Square: The Occupy Wall Street Of 1973 [Link]

    The Fashionable Blogger's Of NYC [Link]