The Official GofG T-Shirts Are HERE! Get Yours Today!

by Rachelle Hruska · July 21, 2009

    Many people have been wondering where Stanley's been lately. It's true, he's been keeping a low profile the last couple of weeks after his debaucherous brunch incident two weeks ago in the hamptons. You didn't hear what happened? It's probably for the best.  So, what has Stanley been working on all this time? The official Guest of a Guest t-shirts of course! Of which, you can easily get your own paws on! Here's how:

    All you have to do to score one of these shirts, designed specifically for Stanley dog, is:

    Sign up for our free email newsletter, HERE (if you haven't already--what is wrong with you!), and

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    Then, besides getting all of the latest news, parties and giveaways each day direct in your inbox, you'll get a free, one of a kind t-shirt.

    About the GofG shirt: These distressed body t-shirts are of the highest quality materials and were designed by our friend, Lincoln Mayne (of Tanteo fame). All t-shirts are hand printed and unique, using light-weight inks and high mesh count screens. Each has been pre-treated to give it a soft, worn look and feel.

    As you can see, the shirts are barely out of the boxes and they are already a hit! Peter Feld and Mediaite's Rachel Sklar were BEGGING us just to try them on last night!

    Peter Feld, Rachel Sklar

    And here's our own James Brooks showing off the shirts:

    James Brooks

    Then, once you get your shirt, feel free to send us a photo of you out and about spending the "Best $2k" of your life so we can share it with our readers!