Save the Date: Introducing Guest of a Guest Weddings

by guestofaguest · February 19, 2016

    There comes a time when even the most free spirited of party girls reaches a certain age. An age when it seems that everyone’s paired up penguin-style, and every foreseeable weekend is booked solid with showers and ceremonies. And while we are definitely not the type to settle down, we must admit that we’ve had weddings on our mind for quite a bit now - harmlessly browsing newsstands and scrolling through blogs, folding down pages and filling up Pinterest boards. Forever unable to commit.

    Until now!

    We love parties. We know parties. And what is a wedding after all, but the best, most important party you’ll probably ever throw? Guest of a Guest Weddings will have you planning the most insanely cool blowout of a big day. 

    So stay tuned. We’ll be getting you inspired on all fronts. From ring stories and insider tips, to registry guides and floral arrangements - even help for all you poor confused grooms and in-over-your-head bridesmaids!

    We’ll also be featuring the most divine weddings around, many of which will be personal ceremonies from our amazing flock of fashionable friends. A flock which, of course, includes you!

    For all you happily married and happily engaged couples out there who'd like to have your photogenic fêtes featured in an album on our gallery section, we’d love to give your wedding a look! 

    Shoot us an email at: