Audrey Grace Pop-Up Boutique

by Danielle Neftin · March 26, 2012

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    Audrey Grace, a vintage and contemporary women's boutique, held an event on Friday, March 23rd, for it's new pop-up shop at the High Line Loft.

    Small Girls PR hosted the event and welcomed guests to a party that felt like an explosion out of a teen-girl's-dream. Wine was served with cupcakes and desserts as guests browsed racks of vintage clothes, shopped, and danced to music provided by the all-girl-band, Super Cute!, as well as DJ duo, The Jane Doze.

    Penfolds(RED) kept the wine flowing & Societe Perrier provided the sparkling water to quench the thirst of girls manically trying on dress after dress. Elaborate Marie Antoinette-themed party hats lined the treats table, presenting Magnolia Cakes that read "Audrey" and "Grace" as well as pastel candies of every variety. Life-size paper cut-outs courtesy of event artisans Blow Up decked each of the displays and roses quite literally decked the halls, hanging across the ceiling from wall to wall.

    Guests included Jaclyn Bethany, Hannah Metz, Geoffrey Fletcher, Mallory Blair, Bianca Caampued, Leia Jospe, and Rachel Trachtenburg, Jamien Sfetko, Sara Zucker, Caroline WaxlerJen Talley.

    [Jaclyn Bethany]

    [Hannah Metz]

    [Mallory Blair, Bianca Caampued]

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