Remember when "getting work done" was taboo? These days, however, ladies who lunch swap Botox stories like the cast of Sex and the City talked about dates, and Instagram is filled with #BTS videos of lip injections and laser facials, before-and-afters, low-key brags about going under the knife. Not only is a nip-and-tuck perfectly acceptable, it's practically a badge of honor - even for women under 30.

Plastic surgeons have become celebrities in their own right, and when it comes to the Park Avenue A-list, Dr. Melissa Doft is the hottest starlet on the scene. Praised by Vogue and The New York Times, the Dartmouth grad is known for her modern approach to beautifying, combining traditional methods with the most modern new technology. If you've run into a chic old friend with a new face recently, there's a high chance Dr. Doft was behind it.

With her vast knowledge of everything both old and new in the field, along with her chill demeanor, Dr. Doft was the perfect person to tap for some of our most out-there plastic surgery questions. Let's just say you wouldn't ask some of these during a consultation.