Your nightly skin routine may be your personal form of meditation (as it is for me), but no matter how luxe your products are, it's still just that - a routine. It's never quite as special as the step-by-step care you get from your favorite facialist, and it definitely doesn't give you the totally zen vibes as your go-to spa. But seeing as it'll be a while before we can get back to our happy place, it's time to bring the spa home. 

Who better to instruct us on setting the ultimate relaxation scene than celebrity esthetician, Sken by Erase Spa skincare line creator, and founder of Manhattan haven, Erase Spa, Lisa Guidi? She's managed to chill out busy babes like Cardi B and Serena Williams, so we're pretty sure she knows a thing or two about creating the perfect atmosphere.

While I'll be counting down the days until I can get another facial at Erase (I've seriously never left an appointment more glowy), Lisa's DIY tips on everything from music to scent to steaming one's pores are enough to hold me over for now. 

Click through for her at-home guide to treating yourself!

[Photo via @thebaduratwins]