When you run in the downtown circles of New York and L.A., Milk Studios is the crème de la crème of cool. From fashion week to photo shoots, parties and presentations, the creative powerhouse is a hot spot teeming with everyone from supermodels to androgynous artists. With a presence already established across platforms of fashion, media, technology, and editorial, it's no surprise that Milk is branching out once again; this time, to makeup.

Co-founded by the ever chic Zanna Roberts Rassi, the eco-friendly and 60% vegan line might be its most exciting venture yet. Just think: quality skincare and bold beauty for only the coolest kids on the scene. And don't think it's just for women, either. "Gender is soooooooo 2014."

With a launch party rager set for tonight and a few products already up for grabs, the full Milk Makeup line is available to purchase February 8th. Valentine's Day gifts, anyone? Click through for the products we can't wait to get our hands on.

[Photos via Milk Makeup]