Long story short, we’re aging. Our collagen levels are not where they were at 20, the bags under our eyes are decidedly not designer, and we count a new wrinkle every week.

By incorporating a little facial rejuvenation via fillers, neurotoxins, and PRP, we can maintain our healthy-looking skin. The important thing is not to go overboard – after all, we want to look our best instead of someone else’s best. Over the past twenty years, the science behind fillers and neurotoxins has improved significantly, and there is a number of products that rejuvenate, prevent, and balance the face.

We sat down with renowned plastic surgeon and ahead-of-the-curve master injector, Dr. Steve Fallek, to go over some of your concerns about injections and fillers. Dr. Fallek has over 20 years of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon and works out of his New York and New Jersey offices and as the Medical Director at BeautyFix Medspa. He’s a leader in regenerative procedures, for example, PRP– where your own blood plasma is injected into your face to stimulate collagen or your head to increase hair growth. Dr. Fallek also specializes in the latest minimally invasive treatments like ACCUtite and FACEtite, two treatments that use radio frequency to tighten the skin. They are perfect for people that may not want to go under the knife but want a more permanent natural look.

Taking care of your skin should be a preventative measure. That means you should have already started. But if you're just catching up, click through for everything you need to know before going under the needle.