Breakfast at Tiffany's may be a fashion girl's dream, but the wellness-obsessed are spending their lunch breaks just a few blocks away at Saks Fifth Avenue's brand new beauty floor. The expansive second-story space is a wonderland of cosmetics and skincare - all shiny new counters, custom terrazzo tile flooring, and alcoves of your favorite brands like Kiehl's and Guerlain. And while a specialty Chanel spa room is certainly a thrill, the real jewel of the place is hidden all the way in the back right corner - the United States' first-ever outpost of FaceGym.

Originating in London, FaceGym is exactly what it sounds like: a workout for your face. Now, note, it is not a facial - something my trainer for the day had to keep reminding me because my mind was so blown.

"Your facial muscles are the scaffolding of the skin," said trainer Elle Ferik, who, on the second day of FaceGym's official NYC opening, poked, pulled, and electrocuted my face to perfection for over an hour. Beauty is pain, people! (Just kidding, it didn't hurt...that much.)

The science behind it makes sense - keeping the muscles beneath your skin tight and toned will keep your entire face looking tight and toned. We mean, you workout to keep your bod looking good, so why resort to needles and injections when it comes to your visage?!

While all you really need to know is that everyone (everyone!) at the two parties I went to right after my session commented on how good I looked, click through for a full rundown.

FaceGym at Saks, 611 5th Ave., 2nd Floor