If you have dark hair and are hoping to go blonde, don't do it at home, Alex says. "There are so many risks involved. People think they can buy light color and do it but you shouldn't. You're just dumping more color in your hair that we will have to remove later.

"An easy way to transition into blonde is by doing highlights first because you're going to end up orange. There's only so much bleach your hair can take in one sitting - all the color is not going to come out at once. You need to commit to a few months of lightening, conditioning, and cutting off hair to get to where you want to be. It will take at least six months for the perfect blonde hair," she continues.

Theoretically, it's best to start with highlights and then gradually go blonder than to just do it all at once. Got it. Be we still asked what the best bleach is for at-home color and Alex suggested Loreal's Quick Blue. The blue cancels the oranges and yellows that are common in brown hair. Make sure you're not stripping natural oils from your hair by shampooing too much. Use Arrojo's American Wave Rogue Co-Cleanser - it's a lather-free conditioner that also cleans hair. Then, pour on a handsome amount of Color Wow's Color Security Conditioner and wash only 75% of it off.

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