Is This The Chillest Membership Club In New York?

by Stephanie Maida · February 26, 2019

    When you think members-only clubs in NYC, It Girls are to be expected - but so are dress codes, rules, and snobby attitudes. But not at Chillhouse. The Cool Girl go-to for relaxation and self-care has just relaunched Club Chill, a membership program making it easier than ever to indulge in all your favorite wellness routines, from manicures to massages. And, considering "Chill" is quite literally the name of the game, the laid-back vibes are par for the course.

    The hybrid hot spot, founded by Cyndi Ramirez, opened on the Lower East Side back in 2017, quickly becoming a favorite of the fashion set. After all, what's a day of pampering if you can't boast about it on Instagram? Now, regulars can opt for a perk-filled monthly membership, which uses "Chill Bills" as currency for its massage, reflexology, and designer manicure services.

    Other perks include 10% off all additional treatments, 10% off all products in-store and on, 10% off all cafe items, VIP access to exclusive events and panels, and some occasional swag from Chillhouse's partners.

    At $78 for 10 Chill Bills, and $115 for 15, it's definitely a chic steal. And one which will ensure that you never have to hide your chipped nails in an Instagram story again.

    Sign up HERE!

    [Photo via Chillhouse]