NYC's Favorite Plastic Surgeon Is Moving To The Space Above Bergdorf's

by Guest of A Guest · October 26, 2020

    Just when you thought your uptown shopping spree couldn't get any better!

    Later this fall, Neinstein Plastic Surgery will be taking over the lease above of the city's most iconic department store, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "Beauty Department." Patrons of the posh uptown spot will have a menu of minimally invasive wellness and enhancement procedures to choose from, from liposculpting and breast boosting by Dr. Chris Funderburk to a comprehensive male and female cosmetic injectable practice with world renowned injector Nurse Fay Jouni. Oh, and they'll even have a lymphatic drainage spa!

    In keeping with his belief that aesthetic enhancement should complement each patient’s lifestyle, Dr. Ryan Neinstein's team also includes a trained specialist to advise patients on low impact but high energy toning techniques to help the post-procedure recovery process, combined with nutrition counseling from their in-house nutrition guru.

    Regardless of your feelings towards plastic surgery, you've got to admit, this is just about the most brilliant move ever, no? 

    [Photos via @drneinstein]