Like clockwork, the launch of a particularly Instagrammable new skincare brand will dominate the niche of beauty hashtags, fitting seamlessly into the enviable #shelfies of influencers and making appearances in aesthetically-styled social media posts. The cultivation of an It-Product online can be easy; what isn't, however, is creating something that's actually worth the hype. 

When it comes to The Feelist, Shea Marie has succeeded on all fronts. 

Following the success of her swimwear brand, Same, the style star turned entrepreneur has once again found herself in the CEO seat with her botanically-based, CBD-focused clean skin and self-care brand that has instantly become a cult-favorite. The luxury line of products, which at present includes two body creams (one for everyday and one for those nights you really need to chill) and a detoxifying salt soak, seems practically made to meet our needs in this era of excess stress and at-home staycations. In reality, The Feelist has been in the works for over two years - luckily, it dropped at just the right time.

The magic of the products extends from their relaxation-promoting properties to their plush skin benefits. They're packed with CBD, which is proven to aid with anxiety, inflammation, and even muscle and joint pain, but also moisturizing and skin-feeding plant oils for truly treat-yourself beauty. Then there's the calming scents. Seriously, the first thing you notice when you open up the jar of bath salts or slather on some of the rich body lotion is that they actually smell like a spa - none of that hempy, hippie after-smell you'll often find with CBD-based products. And the fact that the minimalist packaging is just every level of chic? Well, it's no surprise that The Feelist has so successfully taken over our feeds. Double-tap to that.

Amidst the brand's growing popularity, and ahead of an exciting new product launch, we caught up with Shea to learn all about her clean beauty journey and how she's made The Feelist truly stand apart in the arena.

[Photos courtesy The Feelist]