The Face Filler Fraudster: A Woman Is Wanted For Getting Botox & Dashing

by Stephanie Maida · July 25, 2019

    Anna Delvey may have skipped out on some fancy hotel bills, but she missed a real opportunity to add some extra glamour to her grift in the medspa market.

    Not so for one beauty-obsessed Washington woman who has pulled off a string of spa heists we can’t believe we haven’t thought of before. 

    Lauren L. Klavano, now dubbed the “Botox Bandit” and “Face Filler Fraudster,” has reportedly made off with over $6,500 worth of treatments and injectables from at least three separate medspas in the Kirkland, Washington area since November. 

    Klavano, who is 30 (which truly explains her sudden wrinkle-based existential crisis, tbh), has her plan down pat. She checks in under a fake name and after getting pricked and plumped, pretends she left her credit card in the car. She leaves a purse and a smartphone behind at the desk, proof enough that she’ll be right back. However, the purse is empty, the phone is a dummy, and by the time anyone realizes it, she’s already escaped into the sunset with a flawless face.

    We mean, yeah, it’s like, illegal and totally messed up. But let’s face it (no pun intended), the real culprit here is society’s unrealistic beauty standards and obsession with youth. #TeamBotoxBandit.