For all the talk of lotions, potions, serums, and sixty-step routines, even the most beauty-obsessed among us often overlook everyone's earliest introduction to skincare: le face wash. You might have started out with a tried-and-true pump of Neutrogena back when puberty hit, an exciting sign which meant you could finally relate to all of those face-splashing ads in your favorite teen magazine. But as our #shelfies (and #selfies) have matured, it seems the most important part of our regimen no longer sparks joy - at least, not in the way an Instagram-worthy jar of something or other from the latest coveted skincare brand does. 

To be fair, there hasn't really been a brag-worthy line of cleansers on the market, despite the sudden saturation of all things skin-related. But, with the recent arrival of HoliFrog, that's about to change. Along with your entire approach to washing your face.

Founded by Emily Parr, the well-known publicist behind Poke PR, and Majeed Hemmat, who's worked for years in the business of fashion and beauty, HoliFrog is an innovative new brand that finally puts face wash in the spotlight, giving cleansers all the science-backed attention we're used to seeing with most of the other products in our arsenal. 

From the makeup-removing Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash to the pore-resetting Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash, each of HoliFrog's four debut products utilize nourishing, skin-loving ingredients not necessarily meant for different skin types, but for different skin situations. That's certainly not something we've thought of before. Along with, you know, the importance of considering pH levels. One of the brand's other "HoliCommandments"? (We must point out here that their branding is particularly fun - for once we actually want to read the back of the bottles.) Take your time and wash your face sink-side, so you're not letting all those quality actives - and thus, your money - run down the shower drain. HoliShit, they've got a point.

We caught up with Emily to learn more about those skin "situations," why we've been washing our skin wrong all this time, the secrets to starting your own brand, and, of course, the meaning behind the name. Click through for everything you need to know about the product line that's sure to start appearing on #shelfies everywhere.

[Photo by Hannah Choi]