I don't know about you, but when the goin’ gets tough, I get going in a hot bath for 45 minutes listening to a podcast. Sure the world may be on fire, and sure, you may be experiencing your own personal apocalypse, but just remember, there's no problem too big to be ignored with a good long soak.

Still, this is New York after all. A place where the only two signs of having "made it" are an in-apartment washer and dryer, and a beautiful stand alone, soaking tub. Until then, you, me, and most people we know will be slumming it with an acrylic, alcove bathtub-shower combo shoved in a corner of your already impossibly small bathroom.

But fret not, a renovation / moving isn't necessary to live your life to its most indulgent fullest! Click through for 5 bath time additions that will turn your shitty tub into the relaxing space experience you deserve!

[Photo via @hillhousehome]