"Best $20 I Ever Spent" Jelly & Topman Kick Off Rock Beach

by Mara Siegler · July 11, 2011

Go HERE fore more photos by Wendy Ploger, and tag yourself and your friends.

When Jelly first announced they'd be back this year with the help of Topman at the Aviator Sports Complex it was a bittersweet moment. We were excited at the thought of another year of emerging bands, booze, and hipster dodgeball, but had doubts about the hard to reach, have to get there by bus, decidedly not near Bedford Avenue south Brooklyn location. How did the first concert go?

From the looks of the pics, hipsters will travel away from Williamsburg for the promise of a good time. Located near Fort Tilden Beach and the ominously named  Dead Horse Bay, buses were provided at the cost of just $20 a ticket. The name Rock Beach seemed to be taken literally, with many more wearing bikinis than seen in years passed. You have to slip-in-slide in something though.

Penguin Prison, Wild Yaks, Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang, and Monogold all took the stage. The line up for the rest of the summer has yet to be posted, though Gothamist managed to catch and repost a flier that was accidentally put up on the web site and then yanked down. It may have been a mock to show potential sponsors, but if there was any sliver of truth, bands like The Strokes, Odd Future, Man Man, Fleet Foxes, and Dan Deacon could be heading your way. Fingers crossed.

[Pool Parties (Sort Of) Saved! Jelly & Topman To Provide Hipster Bus For Far Off Concerts]