"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" All The Right Dance Moves

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 21, 2010

Keeping things fresh on the dance floor can be so hard when you're a frequent partyer. Let these night owls teach you the best way to cut a rug. Or mash a potato. Or twist. Or impress that hot, sullen girl standing by the bar.

The Huggo: Grab a friend tightly. Sway from side to side.

The Photobomb: Look for a couple arguing. Grapevine over and pop up in front of them suddenly. Flash a thumbs up or, if thumbs are injured/inflexible, a V for Victory sign. Grapevine away. Note: Actual photographer not necessary.

The Back Monkey: Find friend or stranger. Cling tightly to his and/or her back. Gyrate slowly. Don't let go, you great big baby.

The Usain Bolt: Begin to run in place. Flail. Freeze suddenly. Resume running.

The Chichi: Salsa while using pinky fingers to point out breasts. The Brain Freeze: Begin dancing disinterestedly. Pucker lips. Clear mind of all earthly concerns.

The Bro Smush. Find fellow bro. Press cheeks together. (Sure, whichever cheeks you want, cowboy.) Bro down or bro up, accordingly.

The Come N' Get It: Step rapidly side to side while making "come on" gesture with hands. Quirk eyebrows.

The John Cage Special: Sit quietly. Don't dance.

The Cold Sore: Make lips as prominent as possible. Hop from foot to foot. (When dancer is smoking, The Cold Sore becomes The Secondhand Babe.)

The Hurricane: Raise arms. Bop head. Twirl around quickly. (Variation: The Typhoon: Dancer holds drink.)

The Try Try Try (called The Zoolander in the western United States, and the Crikey Nips in Australia): Rip open shirt in one motion. Stride from one side of the room to the other.

[All photos courtesy of ICanTeachYouHowToDoIt]