"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" An Evening With Tinsley Mortimer And Dabney Mercer

by Chiara Atik · November 16, 2009

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Spending Saturday night in Times Square is a good first step toward experiencing some over-the-top NYC. Amidst lots of bright lights and big city noise, plus the requisite slew of tourists and people from New Jersey, Tinsley Mortimer, her sister Dabney Mercer and Constantine Maroulis partied til the early hours of the morning at Touch while launching Akvinta vodka, this weekend.

Oh, and Tinsley's reality show film crew was there. We wouldn't expect the Tinz to spearhead a Times Square social movement, but oh well. In other things surprising, the uptown gal hoping to be reality tv's next darling is very good at acting completely, totally natural for the cameras...-It takes a lot of skill to look completely at ease in front of two cameras and various sound guys. For anyone who aspires to reality show glory, take a few lessons from these fair-haired sisters...

Lesson 1: Wear coordinating outfits and coordinating long blond hair. Also, never be afraid of laying it on too thick in terms of sisterly affection. You want the people of America to know you LOVE your sister.

Lesson 2: The camera adds 10 inches of personal space. So you want to stand very, very close to each other.

Lesson 3: You want to make it very clear that you are having an AMAZING time, talking to AMAZING people. So be sure to laugh a lot. Even if the person isn't saying anything funny. If they look confused, it's only because they aren't a reality show pro like you are.

Lesson 4: No one can sit next to you unless they pout sexily and look just as sultry-cool as you do.

Lesson 5: Ignore the boom mic. Always ignore the boom mic.

Lesson 6: Take direction.