"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Big Discoveries At The Woods

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 24, 2010

Hot Pursuit @ The Woods was full of realizations. The guests realized they liked listening to VHS or Beta, Gavin Royce, and Kids With Snakes. The guests also realized other things about themselves and their pals; like little wobbly-legged freshman philosophy students, they began to uncover deep truths.

Isn't it adorbs when partyers realize for the first time details both large and small? It makes our hearts tingle like sat-upon feet to see sweet expressions of dawning comprehension. Why, the kids' inner epiphanic monologues are plastered across their faces . . .

"The Mirror Game is fun, but challenging!"

DJ: "My friend is the most annoying person on earth!" Fingers Man: "I am brilliant and creative!"

"I have small motor skills!"

"Ho ho ho, I'm ticklish there!"

Middle Man: "No one takes me seriously!"

Background: "He shouldn't have started a staring contest he couldn't finish!" Foreground Right: "I shouldn't have started a staring contest I couldn't finish!" Foreground Left: "I'm winning! I'm winning! I CONTROL MY OWN DESTINY."

"I need to do more arm curls in future."

"If I touch my crotch, she just shuts down."

"This room has a ceiling!"

"She smells like hair!"

"The world is beautiful, and I am beautiful in the world. Should I drink more? I should."

Lady on the Right: "It turns out I am effing terrified of panthers."

"Fire makes cuddle-bonding so much more intense!"

"When she says 'Don't put my stockings on or I will never speak to you again," she really means it!"

"I taste like myself, only more so!"

"My joints are useful!"

[All photos courtesy of Nicky Digital]