"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Boy Meets Vegas!

by Chiara Atik · January 8, 2010

Ben Savage, aka Cory Matthews of Boy Meets World, spent New Year's Eve partying it up in Vegas, thereby proving that old proverb, "Make one popular sitcom in your teens and get laid the rest of your life."

Though somewhat off the radar, Ben Savage has been pretty busy since Boy Meets World ended: He went to Stanford, he interned with Arlen Specter, he died in a car accident, and made a guest appearance on "Without A Trace". It's no wonder he needed to let off steam in Vegas!

Savage spent the evening of December 31st at Wasted Space, along with his friend, the somewhat maligned Ben Lyons. While there, he met a group of pretty young things who were impressed enough with his TGIF pedigree and dance moves to spend the entire evening with them (or maybe they just thought he could hook them up with Rider Strong?)

Ben certainly didn't shy away from the camera, nor does he shy away from the numerous girls who seem to be throwing themselves at him. And based on the expressions on his face (and the sheer amount of photos!), he seems to be LOVING the attention.

Maybe it's because he knows that deep down, despite how much we all love Cory Matthews, he doesn't really hold a candle to Kevin Arnold...

He's got moooooves! What is that, the dance from Fiddler On The Roof?

He doesn't discriminate, as long as they're tanned, beautiful, and pretty drunk.

"Yeah, what do you think of THAT, Topanga? You STOLE MY YOUTH. College SUCKED because of you!"

Ben Lyons

Diddy was there too....

...not that The Bens noticed...

Ben Lyons                                              Ben Savage

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