"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Concertgoers Are Special, Special Sideshow

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 24, 2010

Everyone's special, but some are more special than others. The music fans dancing for the Cobra-Snake's camera, for example, reminded us of the Golden Age of Freak Shows . ..-



Siamese triplets.

Siamese Triplets number 2.

There are Siamese triplets all over the damn place tonight. Left to right: Prettina, Boredessa, and Drunkelina.

Madame Esmerelda, the fortune teller.

The Bearded Lady.

Lulu and Todd, the acrobat siblings. However, the act doesn't get much better than this.

The crowd can't get enough of the sideshow. More! More!

The carnival barker.

Mermaid girl. Paris Hilton lookalike. Exotic dancer. She's many things to many people.

Monkey Man/The Geek.

The wild tribal dancers imported from suburban Jersey.

Eh, instead of Random Creepy Guy, it's Random Jolly Guy.

The Strong Man.

Peg Leg Sally.

And a hootchie cootchie act to round out the evening.

[All photos courtesy of The Cobra-Snake]