"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Dancing The Night Away At The Brooklyn Electronic Festival

by Mara Siegler · December 20, 2010

The 3rd annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) rocked the hippest borough this weekend in a celebration of  keyboards and dance beats. People came out in their finest technicolor outfits to rave the night away at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and Public Assembly. Let's take a look!- Dance dance revolution.

It's all about audience participation.

Lady Gaga, after having her flight to Paris canceled due to snow, thought she would go to BK.

After the show, this girl was surprised by how many voice mails and texts the '70's left her demanding its wardrobe back.

The man in the background got lost on his way to a loft party and just wants to know which way to go. This way, or this way?

Becka Diamond was in the house. She did not dance nor did she smile.

She should take lessons from these girls on how to have fun.

Or these people.

Even this nicely color-coordinated couple, who are clearly out of control with enthusiasm for the music, appear to be having a better time.

After the show, the party spilled out onto the street and continued into the night. Never stop dancing!

[Via NickyDigital]