"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Do's And Don't's At RDV

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 17, 2010

Who was at RDV this week? A horde of drinkers, cupcake-eaters, dancers, lovers, and bad decision-makers. And one shirtless lady. As with any raucous evening, the night featured both Goofuses and Gallants. [Shout-out to Highlights for Children!] Behold! Some major Do's and Don'ts:


DO: Celebrate life with a classic kiss for your lover.

DON'T: Turn your kiss with your lover into the movie Alive.

DO: Dance!

\ DON'T: Flashdance. And by "flashdance," we mean "Crotchdance"

DO: Show your drinks you mean business.

DON'T: Display your drink as if you intend to drink it the regular fashion. What the hell, guy? Why aren't you frolicking in a scotch shower? You make us sick.

DO: Coif like you mean it.

DON'T: Hide your hair-light under a hat-bushel.

DO: Celebrate joyously- if physically uncomfortably - with friends.

DON'T: Resort to blue leather (?) rompers to upstage your friends.

DO: Celebrate other cultures by playing at luchadores.

DON'T: Attempt to play the American Indian game Raven and Turtle unless you actually know how it's done.

DO: make your friends lose their breath laughing.

DON'T: Make your friends lose their breath strangling. (Unless they're really into that sort of thing, in which case you should choke them but good.)

DO: Display body confidence.

DON'T: Over-do it.

DO: Bring some pretty noshes to the party.

DON'T: Nosh on the human pretties at the party.

DO: Finish the night with a sense of accomplishment.

[All photos from KirillWasHere]