"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Everything's The New Something at Ella Wednesdays

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 9, 2010

Ella Wednesdays was in full swing this week, with Database, Dominique Keegan, and more. Wednesdays are the new Fridays - and Wednesdays were already the new Thursdays, so this business is getting complicated fast.-

Lucas Walters, Gavin Royce, and The Boogie Bros also appeared at the Ella Lounge to celebrate the end of hump day. Since the Lounge is right around the corner from Katz's, we can only assume that the party kids were fueled by slabs of sweet kugel and fistfuls of corned beef. Deli Food is the new Macrobiotic, and the well-fed Wednesday revelers laid out what the new pecking order is in other areas as well . . .

Trying To Suckle At Your Man Friend's Teat is the new Playing Scrabble.

Flounder Face is the new Duck Face.

Really Nice Armpits are the new Really Nice Popliteal Fossas.

Garter Belts are the new Knee Socks. Cupcakes And Gummi Bears (?) are the new Stars.

Breast Pancake is the new Fist Bump.

Touching is the new . . . something something.

Together Alone is the new Alone Together.

Back is the new Front. Except for that one eerily pretty girl, who is the new Jack Nicholson In "The Shining" When He Turns Up In All Those Old Timey Photos On The Wall, you know what we mean?

Dress-Drink Coordination is the new Shoes-Purse/Carpet-Drapes/Hand-Eye Coordination.

Dressing Like Ryan Gosling in "Lars and the Real Girl" is the new Dressing Like Jason Schwartzman In Anything.

DJs are the new Old DJs.

Track Suits are the new Tuxedos.

More proof on the armpit front. That's a very nice armpit.

And again. Now we have major armpit anxiety.

Hunching For Your Lady is the new Quitting Smoking For Your Lady.

Flashing The V Whenever Anyone Pulls Out a Camera is the new Pavlovian Response.

Please stop doing that.

Tableaux are the new candids. Teams are the new Individuals. Is that a mesh shirt? Mesh Shirts are the new Skinny Ties.

[All photos courtesy of Nicky Digital]