"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" We Find What We're Looking For At Public Assembly

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 8, 2010

Beloved Readers, everyone wants something. Everyone is searching for something. Antenna Mag presented Lounge 45 at the Public Assembly, and we could see the naked desire on the faces those who came to see Kid Sister, Mello X, and many others.

We love Public Assembly, but we've mostly been there for burlesque shows in the past. Luckily, Finger on the Pulse DJ Twin Sound System and DJ Indiana Jones were also there this time to take our minds off of the lack of nudity. And, judging from the abundance of Colt 45 cans/bottles/urns, the Colt 45 Sponsorship Gods may have been in attendance as well. But the real attraction was the fog of sehnsucht that filled the room. What do you want, party behbehs? Tell us!

"We are looking for an excuse to throw our arms in the air."

"I want to caress strangers' faces."

"I want to drinks something other than Colt 45"

"I want my eyesight back."

"Just once, I want someone who will not exploit me for my beauteous profile."

"We are searching for more screen-printed tees. More! More!"

"I want arms. It is very hard to do things without arms."

"I want my sister to stop pretending she's the anime version of me."

"I want to be six inches taller so that I can beast these clowns."

"I'm looking for the man who killed my father. I see him over there, wearing an ironic outfit, drinking a colt 45! Oh crap, that doesn't narrow it down."

"We are looking for fame."

"I want to stop the countdown before the bomb explodes."

"We are searching for love."

"I am searching for my missing side-hair."

"I am looking for a chin-dueling partner."

"I am looking for armpit-validation."

"We are looking for someone to turn our rag-tag band into a cadre of trained warriors. We are looking for hipster Mulan."

"Finally, we have found a reason to throw our arms in the air. All is right with the world."

[All photos by Nicky Digital]