"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Bikini-Clad Vixens Teach Us What's Cool For Summer

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 7, 2010

    Moodswing 360 threw a rollickin' and mostly naked pool party at Blade in Miami, where a DJ dream team including Chachi, Jason Smith, and Riz spun. Best of all, the pretty young things in attendance showed us which trends we can look forward to!-

    It's a widely acknowledged fact that Miami party-goers wearing very little guide the fad machine of the nation. Beneath their oiled, sometimes upsettingly orange skin beat the hearts of true trend bellwethers. Let's learn from them. Tell us, tipsy sunburned oracles, what's going to be hot as summer approaches?

    Airbrushed tees.

    Food Poisoning Face

    Angry Face.

    Sexy Face. It never went away, and it refuses to die.

    Both Zombie Face and Duck Face.

    Aretha Franklin Face.

    Hot, hot, Faux-Lesbianism. Taking photos of Hot, Hot Faux Lesbianism.

    Straw Hats.

    Being a DJ is always cool.


    Confusing Stomachs.

    He just looks happy. We shan't make him part of our extended joke.

    Junkyard Accessories.

    Ribcages. St. Pauli Girl Couture.    Buttocks are back. With a Vengeance.

    Celine Dion Chic.

    Cuddle Groups.


    An Ebullient Lack Of Shame.

    [All photos by KirillWasHere]