"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Gallery Bar Presents Scenes From Lindsay Lohan's Life

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 22, 2010

Judging from the costumes and party decorations, it looks like someone threw a "Linz Is Off To The Chokey" party at Gallery Bar. What better way to send the troubled Lohan off to her next great adventure than to relive her highs and lows . . .

Uh oh, looks like Mean Girls.

The twins in The Parent Trap practice their intimidation tactics!

She's twirling so fast it's like Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Personally, we like poorly acted movies about lovebugs, but some of the critics just pointed and laughed. Or pointed and glowered.

Damn, everything was better when the girl still had red hair.

Methinks he just saw I Know Who Killed Me.

A little girl-on-girl action never hurts . . .

Freaky Friday. Except she's switched places with a mustachio'd gentleman instead of with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I think we all know which phase Linzers is going through here.

This is the face the judge made last week.

Good luck in jail, LiLo! Just remember: Martha Stewart was in for way longer, and she's doing gangbusters now!

[All photos courtesy of NickyDigital]