"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Raw Animal Instincts Take Over At The Wildlife Refuge Benefit

by SAMANTHA KANTOR · July 22, 2010

    We're all about adoring animals, but the July 17th Wild Night for Wildlife Benefit in Quogue is an entirely new and fantastic level. With Buttered Soul providing the sounds for the soiree, things got a little...primitive.

    The need to mate overpowers any sense of morality.

    By displaying one's body like so indicates that the male is ready to pounce. Although we're not sure if tight, white pants are a necessity to get the job done.

    Certain people often use color in order to attract and/or intimidate potential suitors.

    Air kisses tend to be confusing to the primitive. It's either all or nothing in the jungle.

    The dance floor is the modern day place to pick the perfect mate to bring back to the nest.

    And of course, once you've found "the one" it's time to take yourself off the market and get down to business.

    [Photos via Facebook]