"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Iggy Pop Is Still Popular And Provocative And Orange

by guestofaguest · June 17, 2010

Iggy Pop is both still alive and still rocking out. Chloe Sevigny, Robert James, and other extremely enthusiastic hipsters showed up for Iggy's latest concert, and the evening's photo documentation is thought provoking.

Iggy began in a leather vest.

But that didn't last long. Was Iggy Pop born in a tiny leather vest so that he could then immediately strip it off?

We salute you, tall hand! Also, Ol' Mr. Profile in the center of the photo looks a good deal like Willem Defoe. Defoe and Iggy should have a buddy comedy sitcom.

Everyone wants a piece of the Iggs, especially because he is such a pleasing charred orange color.

Find the following in the crowd: A) Not paying attention (aka Doing It Wrong). B)  Brass knuckles. C) Terrified/deeply saddened D) Giving birth.


Well, now he just looks like our dad dancing. In fact, that partially obscured bald-headed man at left is our dad.

Yellow shirt, when you inevitably plummet, Iggs will not save you. Iggs does not dirty his luscious, leathery lips with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation efforts.

At some point, Iggy decided to play a plumber fighting with a mime.

Chloe Sevigny's glowers make us think she can see our innermost desires.

For all his awesomeness, even Iggy does not possess such a stark and striking eyebrows/hair contrast. We salute you, ElderMan!

Yeah, Iggy's brilliance hurts our eyes too.

[All photos by Robert James.]