"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" It's All About Kissing At Applejack Boombox

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 19, 2010

That crazy Gerard over at icanteachyouhowtodit is so cryptic with his titles that we're not sure if this is a fanzine party or a BoomBox concert. Or an Applejack concert. Or just some random Barcelonian kids licking faces and taking names. Whichever it is, there certainly is a lot of licking going on.


The kids are a'ight, and they taught us lots and lots about kissing and tonguing and lip-friction. Some of their top hits, below:

Sneak Attack kiss!

Crap I Should Have Kissed Her But Now She's With Percy unkiss.

It's Harder To Kiss Your Armpit Than You'd Think kiss.

Prelude To A Kiss kiss.

Midlude To A Kiss kiss.

Postlude To A Kiss kiss.

I'm Going To Kiss The Other Side Of Your Neck So Hard After I Get Done With This One neck kiss.

Master Of My Domain kiss.

Cannibalkiss. One word.

I Imagine I'm Kissing Feathered Ladies Even Though Stacy Down The Street Told Me I Could Take Her To Homecoming kiss.

Somehow I'm Doing This Kiss Wrong kiss.

Imaginary Loverrr kiss.

On the right: Messy Air Tongue kiss. On the left: Lonely.

I Lost My Contact In The Middle Of That Kiss kiss.

Future Fantasy kiss, at least as far as the gentleman in the rear is concerned.

Bad Idea kiss.

Give Me My Effing Kiss non-kiss.

On the right: Hair-heavy Autokiss

Secretly Preparing To Rip Out The Jugular kiss.

Five seconds after this was taken: Brotastic Foursome kiss.

[Photos courtesy of icanteachyouhowtodoit.]