"Best 2K I Ever Spent" It's Always Spring Break At Juliet

by Mara Siegler · December 9, 2010

It might be winter, but inside Juliet things are getting hot and spicy. Just get a bunch of pretty people, strip them down, do a ton of shots and voila. Every night is Spring Break!

Think it won't be the same without a pool or ocean nearby? Think again. It's called a champagne bath and it's much more tasty than the Pacific. It even looks classy if you capture it in black and white.

But as much as your body might need a bath, it's your dirty mouth that needs washing. Preferably with alcoholic liquid from a faux copper bottle holder/decoration/thing. All the more festive.

Or you could get on in the big, "Let's kill ourself'"trend so popular with irresponsible college students and snort champagne up your nose. Dude in the left hand corner is all "Pstshhh, man. Not impressed."

Whatever you do, don't stop drinking. Just don't. Put all pictures on Facebook. Your mom and boss will love them.

But seriously, be forwarned, this is what you look like second before you vomit. This poor guy never saw it coming.

It can also lead to this. Somewhere, Joe Francis is high fiving a bro.

[Via KirillWasHere]